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Demolition that requires man or machine, Demolition Richards Bay does it all, from big to small.

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Heavy Machinery
State of the art earth moving equipment and machinery get the job done thoroughly and efficiently, without wasting any time.
Rubble Removal
Site left spotless and all remnants of rubble and debris are removed and disposed of, starting your new project off on the right foot.
Demo Services
To big scale buildings and smaller houses that need demolishing, Demolition Richards Bay offers it all, to suit everyone's needs!
Fast & Efficient
When Demolition Richards Bay is on the scene, zero time is wasted in completing the job to the highest of standards with all procedures in place.

Demolition Services Offered Across Richards Bay

The ultimate building demolition contractors readily available for all demolition services!

Demolition of buildings is a great way to free up open space or to start construction for new offices or complex buildings. Demolition Richards Bay is the trusted and respected demolition contractors who tackle any and all jobs that require industrial demolition services, housing demolition, building demolition or any controlled demolition in Richards Bay.

Demolition Richards Bay demolish a building following strict guidelines and safety precautions with multiple days of preparation before any demolition is undergone. Once all checks, precautions and paperwork are sorted out, Demolition Richards Bay wastes no time in building demolitions to get you started on your next project. Whether it's an entire building that needs removing or you would just like a part of your home demolished, swimming pool demolished, part of your wall, kitchen or bathroom, concrete demolition or rock removals, Demolition Richards Bay offers all the demolition services you require all in one conveniently located company!

Demolition Work At Its Finest....

Precise and controlled demolition experts

Carried out to demolition specification every time, Demolition Richards Bay sticks to strict construction demolition methodology where precision and safety is of the utmost importance to themselves and everyone around them when any building demolition is performed.

Strict rules and regulations that Demolition Richards Bay stick to, to ensure the utmost in safety and precision. There is specific demolition methodology put into action every time on site that ensures smooth operation throughout the process. It starts with identifying any hazardous materials that need removing first or any valuable, salvageable goods. Then, all water mains are turned off and electricity disabled to the premises. Once prepped for demolition, the area is quarantined off with all visible safety and precaution signs in place.

What should also be considered in construction demolition methodology is the amount of noise, dust and working hours. Demolition cannot be performed during busy hours or peak hours where the peace will be disrupted and daily routines disturbed. Dust control is important to keep under wraps, especially near any public roads where clear visibility is crucial to motorists and passersby. No matter the job at hand, Demolition Richards Bay plays by the rules set out in the construction demolition methodology, putting your mind at ease knowing that they are the best demolition company around Richards Bay!

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Expert Demolition On The Daily

Demolition Richards Bay offers the best and most professional demolition experience around!

With dedicated equipment and machinery, expertly trained technicians perform building demolition throughout Richards Bay on a daily basis, making them your ultimate building demolition company available in Richards Bay. Services for steel demolition, bricks demolition, house and building demolitions, Demolition Richards Bay does it all.

Demolition Richards Bay has what it takes to get all demolitions done to specification, and more importantly, on time completion! All required heavy machinery and manpower to tackle all demolition situations, from small, part of house demolitions to multi-storey buildings that need demolition without any delays. All demolition services are offered for industrial demolition services or house demolition, or just any general demolition of buildings. Whatever it is you seek, Demolition Richards Bay is guaranteed to be your best and only demolition choice!

Premises Left Clean & Tidy

Rubble removal & cleanup ensures you literally start from the ground-up!

After the demolition of buildings, all remnants of rubble and dirt are removed from your premises and left spotless, after all, Demolition Richards Bay cleans up after themselves. Once done, you are left with a clean and open environment so you're able to start your new projects with fresh ideas in mind without any mess in the way to clutter your mind.

All rubble and debris are removed from the site and disposed of accordingly. There's no use in demolishing a building only to have all the rubble lying on the ground in the way. So Demolition Richards Bay cleans up after themselves by ensuring you can get started right away on your new building projects. Just one more reason why Demolition Richards Bay is your best choice for all demolitions with the best service.

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